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Mary Jane pumps for women

Mary Jane pumps for women

A trend conquers the fashion and the shoe world. Vintage is "in". The good old days have left their mark and are found today in the form of classic cuts, big patterns but also very special shoes again. These shoes include the Mary Jane Pumps. The elegant women's shoes score points with a straight line and small, playful details. They are feminine and stylish but still have a girlish side.

Mary Jane – the shoes with the buckle

Mary Jane pumps are usually directly recognizable at first glance, even if they are in many different versions gives. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: the buckle and the straps. Above the foot runs a strap, which provides a real eye-catcher.

In order for the Mary Janes to become pumps, they must have one small paragraph to have. Today, there are also a variety of different models, which are provided with significantly higher heels. The width of the heel does not matter so much, it can be narrow, but also slightly wider. Only a platform heel does not fit with these shoes.

Did you know that the Mary Janes in the 1960s Almost a little rebellion? Women did not actually wear shoes that visually emphasized their legs. This time ended, however, with the popular Mary Jane Pumps.