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Men’s shoes

The shoe shapes and requirements are fundamentally different from the shoes for women. Men’s shoes can radiate a very special elegance, but are just as comfortable and unusual.

Shoes are among the oldest garments of humanity. Even Ötzi stomped 5,000 years ago with sutures sewn together from different types of leather through snow and ice. They have served not only to warm the feet since the Stone Age, but should also provide protection against injury on rough terrain.

In the early days of the shoes, there were no visible differences between the models for men and women, only in ancient times, in some areas special footwear for men was necessary. The Romans pioneered shoemaking as legionaries, who had to walk countless kilometers on foot, needed bubble-free feet for efficient conquest campaigns. Therefore, the Roman men’s sandals for the right and left foot were made for the first time in a different fit, and offered significantly better comfort than the usual co-paired shoes.

It was not until the 16th century that awareness spread in Central Europe that even men’s shoes should meet visual requirements – the then current high-heeled and pointed lace shoes, which made running almost impossible, characterized the wearer’s standing and fashion awareness. Finally, with the possibility of industrial production, the men’s shoe also advanced to become a fashion item at the beginning of the 20th century.

The name Mukluk may not be familiar to the least, but everyone has it in different types as well as colors seen. It's basically a moccasin that has become a boot. He is offered in many sizes since he from toddler over wife to the aging rock star is equally popular.

Why Mukluk?

A good question that can be answered at the latest after the first try on. Their origin have mukluk in the cold north, There they are carried by Inuit, better known as Eskimos. Hence the sweet-sounding name Mukluk, which in the end means nothing else than boots.

They protect the feet from freezing temperatures well below freezing and at the same time as light as cloud, In our climes, they are not really needed for husky sleigh rides, but there are plenty of occasions to style them Winter boat can carry.

Mukluks are available in different models and so everyone can pick their favorite. The best known variant is the laced. The boot often reaches to the middle of the tibia and is worn e.g. Timberland Boots laced. It pays to enter the term in the search engine and search one or the other online store.

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