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Muscle Shirts

Originally from bodybuilding coming, the cut of the shirt is also popular with anyone with beautiful upper arms. Trikotartig, but close-fitting it is the perfect basic to sporty inspired summer clothes.

Classification of the category muscle shirts

Muscle shirts are men’s shirts that originate from the bodybuilder fashion and are particularly suitable as a sporty and at the same time body-oriented outerwear in summer.


These special types of shirts are very tight-fitting men’s tops, which usually have two wide straps and, as the name also suggests, should emphasize the muscles. They are very close to the body, which clearly shows the muscles and due to the non-existent sleeves, the view of the upper arms is completely released.


As a basic shirt, it is always wearable as part of a casual, sporty outfit on warmer days, however, it is recommended that you also have the appropriate figure. Muscle shirts are made of thin cotton blends, and they often resemble jersey fabrics. Likewise, they always have a certain amount of stretch in order to ensure the necessary elasticity and the closest possible concerns on the surface of the skin.

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