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Playsuit long sleeve

We are almost halfway through the summer, and this year we have heat in our country which means bath, deck and bare legs. A perfect garment for hot summer days is a playsuit -a shorter version of the jumpsuit that is both comfortable and stylish.

Playsuite is available in a variety of designs and models and can be matched in a variety of ways. Complete the look with a pair of stylish sandals and Sun Hat, or wearing a more decorative playsuit and let it stand in the Centre. Here are three different looks to be inspired by this summer.

Classy – bright details and luxurious materials

Playsuite works just as well on the beach and in town that at fest and fancy parties. If you are going to wear the garment at a party, you should invest in a little more exclusive material, like satin, and a classic color such as light pink, black or white. Combine with a pair of Nice heels, jewelry and a nice looking purse to make the look complete.

Sporty – sneakers and playful

Sporty, fresh and summery. With sneakers and a jeans jacket , you’re ready for adventure and longer walks, but is equally suitable for a day on the town.

Beach look

For a day at the beach is playsuite a given choice. Convenient and easy when the garment gives a complete look effortless. Match with a pair of comfortable Sandals and wear a bikini in and you’re ready for a full day at the beach with swimming and Sun.

Shoe type

Combine with / to


Ankle boots combine to: Jeans (examples: skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans), jodhpur trousers, leggings, short to medium-length skirts Ankle Sandals combine to: short skirts, shorts / shorts, 3/4 or 7/8 pants, cigarette pants Ballerinas combine to: Leggings, yoga pants, cigarette pants, costume Booties combine to: Jeans, dress Boots combine to: Mini skirt, elegant outfits, costume (see also restriction in the lexicon article) Boat shoes combine to: classic look with blouse, jeans, too shorts or miniskirts Canvas shoes combine to: Jeans and pullovers, shorts (eg denim shorts or bib shorts) Chucks combine to: Skinny Jeans, Hotpants (Connies to the Miniskirt) Clogs combine to: short garments (examples: miniskirts, capri pants) College shoes combine to: Skinny jeans, 3/4 length trousers, pleated trousers Crocs combine to: shorts and skirts D'Orsay pumps combine with: Jeans, cloth pants (eg cigarette pants or carrot pants) Dianettes combine to: Jeans (and almost all trouser types) Espadrilles combine to: tight 3/4 jeans, beach dress, shorter pants and mini skirts, long skirts or dresses Flamenco pumps combine with: Evening dress, jeans and shirt Havaianas combine to: shorts and skirts, jeans High heels combine to: Skinny jeans, chino pants, dresses, short skirts and shorts, cigarette pants / carrot pants, harem pants High tops combine to: Pants that are relatively narrow, short skirts High-front pumps combine to: Mini skirt, leggings, jeans, pleated trousers (Very versatile combinable) Jodhpur booties combine with: Skirts, 7/8 trousers (in combination with blouse), elegant trousers Wedge pumps combine to: 3/4 jeans, short skirts and dresses, Marlene pants, skinny jeans or chino pants Wedges combine with: Skinny jeans, marlene pants, chino pants, tight stretch jeans, short dresses, short leggings, skirts Loafers combine to: dark blue jeans, linen pants, short skirts, cigarette pants Mary Janes combine to: short skirts, jeans, not too calf-length skirts Moccasins combine to: straight-cut jeans (tight or wide), dress, to slightly wider trousers Moonboots combine to: short skirts, tight pants (eg stretch jeans) Open toe booties combine to: short skirts, 7/8 pants or 3/4 pants Over Knee Boots combine to: Jeans, short skirts Mules combine to: Negligee, shorts Peeptoe Boots combine to: Blue jeans Peep Toe Ankle Boots combine to: short skirts, shorts, 3/4 length trousers, skirts in different lengths, cloth trousers like cigarette pants or harem pants Penny Loafers combine to: Skinny jeans, 3/4 pants or pleated trousers Platform shoes combine to: knee-length skirts or dresses, floor-length pants Pony heels combine to: tight pants Pumps combine to: To the little black, chino pants, pencil skirt, stretch jeans or Marlene pants, harem pants (Very versatile combinable) Roman sandals combine to: short skirts, summer dress or capri pants, jeans Sabots combine to: Jeans, summer dresses, skirts of different lengths Sandal boots combine to: Mini skirt, summer dress Sandals combine to: Summer dress and other clothes, jeans, shorts (shorts, eg denim shorts), yoga pants, cigarette pants / trousers, Palazzohose, harem pants and other cloth pants Sandals combine to: Summer dress, mini skirt, blue jeans, stretch jeans and top, carrot pants / cigarette pants Slingbacks combine to: long dresses and the little black, blue jeans, 3/4 or 7/8 pants, leggings Slingbacks combine to: Cocktail dress, 3/4 pants, 3/4 jeans (Versatile combinations) Sneakers combine to: Jeans, leggings, shorts Spangenpumps combine to: Jeans, short dresses, skirts Ankle boots combine to: Skirts, dresses, tight to mid-size pants, shorts Stilettos combine to: Mini skirt, not too loose trousers Wedge pumps combine to: short dresses or skirts, skinny jeans, tight stretch jeans, chino pants, marlene pants Wedges combine to: tight stretch jeans, skinny jeans, chino pants, short skirts or dresses, marlene pants Weitschaft boots combine to: Blue jeans, skirts "Zumba shoes" combine to: 3/4 pants, tank top
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