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Purses | Fashionable wallets for him and her

Purses | Fashionable wallets for him and her

Purses or purses, which are usually made of genuine leather or synthetic leather, are used to store coins and bills and various utensils and documents such as identity card, driver’s license, credit cards and much more.

Classification of the category purses

Purses or purses are small bags that are mostly used to store money. Banknotes or coins can be stored and transported in them.

If you differentiate a wallet from a wallet, it is the case today that the purse does exactly the same job. This means that most people today also carry things such as identity documents or credit cards in the purse. The forerunner of the purse was the wallet, which has disappeared but almost completely by the increased use of paper money.

Designs and materials

Purses are available in a variety of designs and designs. Also, the materials of which they are made can vary widely. Most common are probably the production of different plastics and leather. One differentiates also between purses for men and for women. They exist

  • in the classical form
  • as a wallet in the oblong shape as well
  • as Granny Purs in the semicircular form with metal clasp.

It is usually worn in one of the back trouser pockets or in a suit and jacket in the inside pocket. Women usually have their purse in their purse. Of course, a wallet should always, not visible from the outside, be worn on the body to prevent any theft.