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Rain boots for women

Cold, wet weather makes women moan, because rain does not just coincide the hairstyle, especially for shoes, water and mud can be deadly. The shoe industry holds against it and presents, in addition to the normal rain boots, absolutely chic and suitable for everyday use rainboots, The hip parts are especially colorful and set by their special look veritable trends. What used to be just a child's everyday life now adorns the women's shoe cupboard, because rainboots are not only worn in the rain and everyone has to call a pair of fancy boots their own.

Features / material of the unusual rain ankle boots

One thing is for sure, with rain and mud there is no better choice for ladies than chic rain boots or rain boots. The pretty, modern boots have all special properties and points through their waterproof material, so is a shopping trip in the rain or a fun game with the children in the mud nothing in the way. The materials used for rain ankle boots are quite extensive, although most are made of one or the other type of plastic:

The lining shows itself as rather varied, because of simple lining, so that the boots just do not scrub, up to the fluffy faux fur is all there. For winter and in snow, it may well be a thicker lining, so the ankle boots can be worn for a long time. Without any lining, rain ankle boots barely keep the cold out, and a permanent outdoor stay in freezing weather soon feels like a punishment.

An online shop can be found quickly with just a few clicks and almost every one of these shops has its own sale, but with rain boots and Rainboots cheap to buy, the properties of the materials should be known. From cheap goods is absolutely discouraged, because cheaply produced plastic is sometimes very hard and therefore offers no particular comfort. Rubber is very resistant when it comes to temperature fluctuations, that is, when the shoes are in high heat for a long time or stored in the basement in freezing cold, they still remain unchanged in their shape. Rubber scores with a high resistance to UV radiation, No matter how long the rubber boot is exposed to the blazing sun or how much clearance the shoe receives, the colors are consistently beautiful and do not fade. To ensure that both fabrics remain elastic for a long time and that wearing well even with frequent use, warm water with dishwashing liquid and glycerine should be used for the rough cleaning. Silicone oil is recommended for aftertreatment, giving the boots extra care and elasticity.

Rain boots are actually one earmarked subcategory of shoe type boots and are counted among the so-called unisex shoes. They are available in all common sizes and colors and, in addition to the ladies' and men's shoes, also copies for children are offered. The rain boots are boots made of water-repellent or water-impermeable material, which reliably protects the feet from the weather and moisture, even in bad weather or on damp surfaces.

The development of the rain boot - from the worker's shoe to the fashionable footwear

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹making footwear water-repellent or waterproof by impregnating or otherwise treating it is already very old and has been in South America already from the regional native population implemented. In Germany and Europe, this approach is still relatively young in comparison. The then common material rubber, which also helped the rain boots to their other name rubber boots, stuck in heat and became brittle in the cold.

Only through one in the year Further refinement of the material developed in 1840 by Charles Goodyearwhich resulted in lasting elasticity and also prevented sticking at higher temperatures, made rain boots and rain booties more and more popular. The rain boots were worn mainly as work shoes of farmers and hunters, but also soldiers could be equipped with the water-repellent boots.

From the mid-1920s more and more production facilities of rain boots were created and they remained until the 1980s a popular work shoe. They are also the shoe of choice in the leisure sector in rain or snow. Due to the advent of other water-repellent synthetic fibers, the rain boots lost popularity in the short term, but at the latest since 2005 has been one of the trendiest fashion accessories ever again.

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