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Sandals for women

Sandals for women

Shank sandals are a popular reinterpretation of the classic sandal and, unlike the unisex sandal, are usually worn only by women or girls of all ages, but not by men or boys. Is the classic sandal usually only one sole, which means one or more straps on the foot The shank sandals are designed with a rudimentarily shaped shaft with recesses or the belts are so numerous and densely arranged that they give the impression of an almost closed shoe upper.

The sandal with the shaft – the perfect shoe for the summer

Shank sandals are a sub-category of the basic sandals and are not different from other types of sandals Heel type, heel height or her Usage but by their eponymous shaft design.

This can vary greatly depending on the model and designer in terms of design, the materials used and the arrangement. However, all shank sandals have in common that the upper of the sandal usually extends to the ankle of the wearer and the shaft is designed in a particularly creative and appealing way. The area of ​​skin covered by the shaft may also vary, as shank sandals can be either models with very wide or very many straps that, when placed next to each other, give the impression of a shoe upper, as well as sandals that come with them an actual shaft provided by Cut-Outs and Omissions on the heel or toes gets a sandal-like look.

As a result, unlike a classic sandal, the shoe is a little more closed and therefore quite part of a more formal outfit, for example in the office. Nevertheless, the foot is with a lot of fresh air and sun spoiled so that the sandal is a refined intermediate between a casual sandal and an elegant summer lace-up shoe.