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Short sleeve shirts

Short-sleeved shirts are especially short-sleeved shirts, which are just over the shoulder and usually thin shirts. The sometimes very colorful short-sleeved shirts (Hawaiian shirts) are worn by the men’s world especially in summer or vacation.

Classification of the category short sleeve shirts

They are probably among the most commonly worn garments of the masters of creation: short-sleeved shirts. The variations of cuts, colors and patterns are versatile and unmanageable, but the basic design is always the same.

Features and sectional shape

Short-sleeved shirts are characterized by two main features. On the one hand, each shirt with short sleeves has a front placket that serves to close the shirt. In addition, the sleeves have a typical short length, which usually extends to just above the elbow.

possible combinations

The short shirts can be worn on any occasion. Often they serve as a work, everyday and leisure outfit, but can also be combined into a suit.

As a rule, short-sleeved shirts are made of cotton. This makes them comfortable, light and airy. Short-sleeved shirts are especially suitable for warmer months. In winter, however, they can just as easily be worn over a long-sleeved shirt. The short-sleeved shirt thus becomes a garment for every season and for every man, because through versatile designs, each shirt gives the wearer individuality.

The most common prints for this shirt variant are longitudinal stripes or plaid patterns. But they can also be printed in one color or with any motifs. Short sleeve shirts are among the most popular items of clothing and can be found in every man’s wardrobe, because despite their simplicity they make every outfit something special.

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