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Slipper | Low shoes without closure

Slipper | Low shoes without closure

The slipper is a shoe to slip into. Without shoelaces and with an elastic sole, this shoe, usually made of high-quality leather or nappa leather, is one of the most comfortable and comfortable shoes for men and women.

Classification of the category Slipper

Slipper is the German name for the shoe model Loafer. A slipper is a flat slip shoe that has a heel. The slipper has no closures such as laces, zipper, straps or the like.

Slipper Models

The most famous slipper model is

which is also referred to as a college shoe. Furthermore, are known

  • tassel loafers
  • Laschenslipper – as a slipper Prince Albert Slipper and
  • Pullloafer (Elasticloafer).

Moccasins are not slippers because they lack heel.


The slipper was invented in America by designers of the company Bass. For the implementation of this new shoe model provided the company by the slipper was introduced in the 30s at American universities.

The shoe was named Pennyloafer by a custom the students developed to magically attract happiness. They put a penny coin in a small recess between the shaft bridge and the instep.

possible combinations

The slipper can be worn by men and women and is therefore a unisex model. However, he counts in men’s casual clothing and should not be combined with a business outfit, because the slipper is cut further than a normal shoe.

In Italy and America, however, the slipper is a shoe model that is also accepted in business. However, you should be careful when choosing the colors, because brown is worn more in leisure time and black in business.

Because of its comfortable carrying properties, the slipper is gladly and increasingly bought. However, it is not suitable for use in wet and cold conditions due to its Moccasinmachart with the accented seams.