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Summer fashion

Compared to winter fashion, summer fashion is characterized by its colorful pattern and light fabrics. Summer fashion usually includes shorts, summer dresses, skirts, T-shirts, tops and lightweight jackets. Bathing and beachwear such as bikinis, bathing suits or beach dresses are also part of summer clothing.

Classification of the category summer fashion

Airy dresses, light shirts, short pants, open footwear – who does not think of rising temperatures, long evenings and his summer wardrobe. What belongs to summer fashion? And why does she make our hearts beat faster?

In terms of color and material

Even the most elegant summer collection in black and white does not come without colorful accessories – summer means just color. One of the most popular summer colors is white, which perfectly complements almost all tones and is therefore a very good basis for a variation-joyful wardrobe. Tanned skin shimmers even more beautiful, the radiance looks fresh and elegant.

Also denim fabrics are an integral part of the summer fashion, but here in relatively thin quality. Kesse mini skirts, shorts or tight jackets give the wearer a youthful and sporty chic; cool polos or shirts are the perfect complement.

Summery cuts

Long pants or skirts are cut extra casual, so that always a cool breeze fans the legs. Shirts and blouses also provide a little more width and short sleeves for a comfortable fit. Whether uni, discreetly striped, with wild floral or strictly graphic patterns, whether tone on tone or strongly contrasting – the summer fashion has a lot to offer year after year.

If the mercury climbs in the thermometer, the skirt seams slip upwards, revealing charming sights. Semitransparent stoffees provide gorgeous views through the sunlight, and soon everyone is wearing a good mood on their skin in addition to the current summer fashion.

What are ankle boots?

Definition: Ankle boots (English ankle = ankle, English boots = boots) combine the qualities of two types of shoes, namely pumps and boots. Almost always, the ankle-high shoes have a heel, which can be a stiletto heel, a wedge heel or even a platform heel. But there are also flat models available. Mostly the terms Ankle boots and booties as a synonym for Boots used. Therefore, no distinction is made in the ladies shoe encyclopedia between these three terms, all of which serve to designate one of the most common types of shoes produced since 1939 on a grand scale.

Is there no difference between ankle boots and ankle boots?

Sometimes ankle boots are demarcated from the ankle boots on the grounds that the former, in contrast to ankle boots, only reach to the ankle or just above it. This distinction is usually not made in the individual online shops. There, both terms are often used side by side, with the criterion of the shaft height is neglected.

The Guide to Ankle Boots

Why can you combine ankle boots?

This shoe type can be worn all year round, and this on almost every occasion: Ankle boots are not only suitable for use as shoes for the party or for a stroll through the city: Smarter mid-heel models are perfectly suitable for the office.

But that is not the only reason why ankle boots sell so well: Ankle boots are a true combination talent! One can close ankle boots perfectly Jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, jodhpur pants or leggings combine. Ideally, the length of the pants should be only 3/4 or 7/8 to make the shoes look their best. Ankle boots are also perfect for skirts, if they are not too long. Especially with short skirts ankle boots look sexy. When plateau ankle boots are combined into flared pants, a distinctive, provocative look is created.

As a decorative piece, your fanciest ankle boots will look great in a shoe organizer.

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