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High-quality sunglasses are primarily intended to protect the eyes and retina from sunlight or harmful UV radiation. A stylish sunglasses is also an important and very popular fashion accessory for men and women.

Classification of the category Sunglasses

The sunglasses are an accessory whose wear not only proves fashion and style, but also helps to protect one’s eyes.

Tips for buying effective sunscreen

However, to ensure proper protection, sunglasses should be selected for this purpose, capable of blocking all wavelengths below the important limit of 400nm. When buying sunglasses, this is on the side of the consumer must be observed.

Consequences of insufficient protection

Insufficient protection against damaging solar radiation can

which are irreparable in most cases.

Fashionable aspects

However, for most people, the fashionable aspect of sunglasses continues to be a priority when choosing suitable sunglasses. Often one orientates oneself thereby at the current fashion trends. While in the 1960s only the functionality and usefulness of the sunglasses were in the foreground, in the following years their design became increasingly important and in the context of the design of new glasses, strong colors were used and their shape varied as desired.

At the beginning of the 90s, the design of the glasses became increasingly colorful and playful, whereas meanwhile mountainous sunglasses with extremely dark lenses, small details and applications, such as rhinestone embellishments as well as the aviator goggles, are the must-haves of every fashion-conscious person have established.

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