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T-bar pumps for women

The selection of women's pumps is huge. Hardly any other shoe is the same and leading brands are always surprising us with new, enchanting models that make the heart of every shoe lover beat faster. This also applies to T-bridge pumps. The features of these shoes are not just the different paragraphs, but also the eponymous T-bridge. It is a strap that goes over the foot span and has the shape of the letter T. Sounds logical!

Naming features

It can be so easy: rivets Pumps That's the way they are studded with rivets, lace-up pumps impress with a lacing and T-bridge pumps – right! – own a T-bridge! This is a special form of strapsT-shaped from the tip of the shoe across the open span to the ankle, branching in two directions. The result is a very feminine and exciting shoe, which is suitable for many different occasions and thus belongs to the allrounders in the shoe rack. In addition to the typical T-shape, there are different types with a slightly different leadership of the straps. Often these are more reminiscent of the letter Y. However, at this point must be strongly distinguished from the Riemchenpumps, which have an even greater variety and in the case of Slingbacks can also be open at the heels. Pumps with a T-bar, on the other hand, are always closed at the back. Different types However, in addition to the characteristic straps have an opening at the top and can therefore be understood as a variant of peep-toes. As you can see: Even with shoes, the limits are there to be exceeded and so, even with footwear, it is often impossible to make a precise distinction between different models.

A classic heel shoe with T-bridge is timeless and yet always exciting. On simple leather model That's why in black belongs in every well-stocked wardrobe. But other materials such as velor and lacquer or different colors can spice up this shoe in their own way. Leading brands especially prefer the colors

The material of the pumps also determines how high quality or just cheap the shoe looks. who long pleasure in his T-bar pumps should therefore opt for high-quality workmanship and first-class material. With such a model, you can look at almost every event. Whether wedding, birthday party or business meeting: Pumps with T-bar always work very noble, feminine and sexy, By the optical division of the foot through the vertical straps of the acts Foot narrower,

Purses or purses, which are usually made of genuine leather or synthetic leather, are used to store coins and bills and various utensils and documents such as identity card, driver's license, credit cards and much more.

Classification of the category purses

Purses or purses are small bags that are mostly used to store money. Banknotes or coins can be stored and transported in them. If you differentiate a wallet from a wallet, it is the case today that the purse does exactly the same job. This means that most people today also carry things such as identity documents or credit cards in the purse. The forerunner of the purse was the wallet, which has disappeared but almost completely by the increased use of paper money.

Designs and materials

Purses are available in a variety of designs and designs. Also, the materials of which they are made can vary widely. Most common are probably the production of different plastics and leather. One differentiates also between purses for men and for women. They exist
  • in the classical form
  • as a wallet in the oblong shape as well
  • as Granny Purs in the semicircular form with metal clasp.
It is usually worn in one of the back trouser pockets or in a suit and jacket in the inside pocket. Women usually have their purse in their purse. Of course, a wallet should always, not visible from the outside, be worn on the body to prevent any theft. [gallery columns="4"]