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Tooth jewelery

An attached on the front teeth tooth jewelery is a popular type of decoration and striking especially in adolescents. The most sparkling Twinkles, Dazzler or even tooth tattoos should always be attached by a dentist.

Classification of the category tooth jewelery

Tooth jewelery is mainly worn by young women and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Accordingly, the dental practices offer this possibility more and more often.

Types of dental jewelry

There are now different types of dental jewelery:


If you want to make your teeth radiate chic, then for some time there is the possibility of gluing small, glittering stones on the teeth. Small crystals or sparkling gemstones are applied to the surface of an incisor with a special adhesive, completely painless and without damaging the tooth.

Drilling or the like is not necessary and the removal is completely unproblematic and leaves no traces, such as discoloration or scratches on the tooth. The pebbles are round and have a diameter of about 1 millimeter. According to your own taste you can choose one of the many different colors, for example ruby ​​red, sapphire blue or crystal.

Tattoos and gold plates

In addition to the pebbles, there are also other variants of toothpaste, such as tooth tattoos. These are small pictures that you can stick to the tooth. You can also decorate your teeth with so-called Dazzlers, slides made of pure gold with different motifs, or Twinkles, thin gold plates, into which some real diamonds and gemstones are incorporated.

Ladies' and men's corduroy shirts are not only fashionable but also incredibly comfortable to wear. The short-sleeved or long-sleeved corduroy shirts, most of which have chest pockets, are made of soft fine cord or wide cord.

Classification of the category corduroy shirts

Corduroy shirts are right at the top of the list of favorite clothes for many ladies and gentlemen.


  • are soft and cuddly,
almost cuddly. you
  • sit comfortably and casually despite relatively thick, sturdy material.
  • stay with proper care long colorfast and dimensionally stable
  • are practical and chic alike
  • combine well and
  • also come as a jacket substitute therefore
- no wonder that hangs in almost every wardrobe one. The term "Cord" probably derives from the English "Corduroy" or the French "Corde du Roi" (Leashes of the Kings). For the first time corduroy was produced in the manufactories of Manchester, hence the name "Manchester velvet". In fact, the surfaces appear almost velvety due to the longitudinal ribs.

Typical characteristics

Most corduroy shirts are on average comparable to normal shirts or blouses. They end at the waist or at the hip, the mostly long sleeves can be rolled up. They are closed by a button bar; Often there is a small pocket on the chest. The material used is divided into
  • Wide-
  • Fine and
  • Babycord
(depending on the width and height of the ribs), although the rather heavily structured Breitcord is rarely used. Similar to jeans in the "used look", there are also corduroy shirts in used look, in this case one speaks of Antik-Cord. Decisive for the longevity of a corduroy shirt is first and foremost the proper care. The use of mild detergent in gentle cycle is recommended as well as the omission of any ironing activity. [gallery columns="4"]