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Wedge ankle boots for women

Wedge ankle boots for women

Wedge ankle boots are one special shape of the short boots, which differ in their special type of heel from other boot types. The popular boot category is here combined with a comparatively young heel type and offered for ladies and young girls, as well as less often and then only in comparatively low heights, also for men. The wedge ankle boots themselves may vary Heel height, design and material vary greatly, but may not exceed a certain shaft height, as they are otherwise counted to the category of wedges.

The wedge in the shoe – a paragraph conquers the market

The wedge heel is one in comparison to other types of heels such as the Stiletto heel, the block heel, the funnel heel and even the platform sole relatively young trend, which has continuously expanded from the summer shoe fashion to other types of shoes and now counts because of its many positive qualities to the most popular types of heels. The wedge heel was invented in 1936 by the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo, who was as famed for his creative innovations as he was in his efforts to combine fashion sophistication with comfort. Within a few years, the wedge heels became the absolute trend sales in the American market and a large percentage of women's shoes was made with this type of heels, although they initially only for sandals and light summer shoes had been considered.

The wedge heel is characterized by a continuous thickening between the inside and outside sole of the shoe which is reinforced over the heel area and has a wedge-shaped configuration. The heel height can be a few centimeters, but also reach a classic high heel height of over ten centimeters. But, unlike stiletto heels, the heel stretches across the entire width and length of the shoe sole, giving the entire body more surface area for better weight distribution, less strain, and a safer kick.