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Wedge pumps for women

Wedge pumps for women

Hardly a heel is as comfortable as the wedge heel. He walks under the foot, is wide and thus offers one high comfort while running, Ladies who love to wear heeled pumps but can not cope with narrow and high heels have found a great alternative in the wedge pumps. In addition, the shoes are simple and elegant and offer many different design options.

The wedge – a paragraph with tradition

Actually, one can almost say that the shoes with wedge already have a really long history. Again, as in many areas of women's fashion, it was a man who made this paragraph fit for everyday use. Salvatore Ferragamo introduced the first wedge shoes in 1936, The wedge here was the heel, as it became flatter in the back and flatter towards the front. He has reminded of the wedges, which are pushed under the doors, so that they do not close.

Although the wedge pumps can no longer be associated with the shoes with wedge of that time, they still have their origins in this time. The paragraph brings many advantages. As mentioned, he is at the conclusion of the shoe especially wide and high, Of course, the height here depends on the respective model. Towards the front of the shoe, the heel takes on more and more height and finally goes over into the sole.