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Women Ankle Boots High Heels Shoes

These high heel bootie will be your favorite ankle boot this fall. Chic and versatile, these high heel boots will keep your casual look right on trend. PU upper material Slip-on closure Ankle boot height Round toe Smooth lining, all-day comfort insole  Quality square heel

The slip-on ankle boots are real highlights when it comes to finding shoes that can be dressed quickly and look just great. In general, ankle boots are real classics that can be perfectly combined. By the half-height design They can be chosen at any season and make every look just perfect. you are playful and feminine, elegant or just casual - the choice of models is great.

Without zipper and lacing - the slip-on boots

Just put it on and you're ready to go. Of course, it does not necessarily take a long time to get into an ankle boot with zipper or lacing and just close it. But it is even more comfortable if you can simply put on the slip ankle boots and start walking. Slip ankle boots have the feature that they are over no separate closure feature.

Some models are equipped with a zipper. Here is this, however rather decoration than anything else. The perfect slip ankle boot is designed in such a way that you really only go in there with your foot and already wear the shoe.

The slip ankle boots are there for ladies, men and children, Many interested people, however, ask themselves the question of whether such a shoe can provide sufficient support. This is a legitimate question, after all, the shank is not narrowed by a lacing or by a zipper and the foot could slip out. Therefore, most manufacturers choose one for these shoes elastic insert to process. This will give way when you put on the shoe and then close again. So the shaft sits well on the leg and the shoes do not slip.

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